Cyber Operations

Operationalize data to make threat response smarter, assets harder to attack, and networks more resilient.

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Solve for Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is about more than tools and technology. It is about information.

At Aperio Global, we enable agencies and companies to out-think threats and outperform what can be done by technology alone.

We lead with information, operationalizing data from across networks, assets, and threat intelligence to create cybersecurity designed for specific mission and business needs. More insight allows for meaningful red team exercises and smarter blue team responses.

In an era where connectivity is ubiquitous, creating concepts of operation that are informed by mission experience to secure the digital domain in support of the warfighter is paramount.

Develop cyber tools and tradecraft tailored to mission objectives and designed to protect critical commercial assets. Strengthen existing tools and technology with a greater understanding of the performance of your assets as well as the effect on your adversary.

Work inter-agency or enterprise-wide with experts who have bridged the gaps between services, agencies, and departments.

With Aperio Global, turn more insightful into more capable cybersecurity.

Let’s Solve Cybersecurity Together

Have a cybersecurity challenge you need help with or want to understand how we operationalize data to elevate security? Contact us and let’s talk.