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Thrive on the rising volume of data with Artificial Intelligence that de-biases data, empowers analysts, and enables optimum decision-making in dynamic environments.

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Solving for Better and Quicker Decision Making

We have more data now than ever before. From government to business, massive amounts of data are gathered and stored daily. But more information doesn’t mean more insight.

At Aperio, we solve data dilemmas with end-to-end AI that transforms AI into accelerated intelligence. From de-biased data collection and training algorithms to solve the structural errors present in processing to intuitive dashboards to put AI in the hands of analysts, we securely process information at scale without data hitting the floor.

From ingestion, we remove biases that cause errors to replicate throughout the process. We use a data-centric approach to get data correct and reliable across data types and collection methods. We correct for labeling errors, crowdsourcing misses, and data transmission issues that can turn valuable data into uncertain intelligence. With Aperio, see the mistakes upfront before developing the model to avoid spoiling data.

We introduce fairness into training algorithms to produce meaningful insights, not replicated assumptions.

Building with our RUSSEL platform, we flatten the learning curve for analysts, putting cutting-edge models directly in the hands of analysts and decision makers. With complete transparency, we provide data visualization, summarize methods and outputs, and provide full explainability. So the result isn’t a high-tech crystal ball that relies on trust but an application of AI that’s as meaningful as it is transparent.

With Aperio AI, find the true signal among the noise and turn information into market-changing insight and security-defining decisions.

Accelerating Analysis

RUSSEL empowers more effective analysis by providing analysts with innovative capabilities that streamline data cleaning and utilization.

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